I Don’t Deserve You - 2

I Don’t Deserve You – 2 : Story Continued from: I Don’t Deserve You I just want to go on record saying that while I found you attractive- and I still do at times -I am somehow not thrown completely out of whack to know that you sure as hell won’t be winning any beauty contests. That nose of yours could really use some straightening up, since it looks like […]


I Don’t Deserve You

I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone, really. I’m sorry that this crazy bastard that I am chose out of all the women in that little store we toil in, it had to be you. Looking from the so-called competition, it was probably obvious why I wanted you. You have such a lovely, albeit rather unkempt, brunette ponytail. You have a perky, lively manner of walking, something that is […]


Missing Her

Missing Her: I’m missing her at every moment, I’m missing her at every breath inhale. I’m missing her when I laugh and i miss her at my bad time. She was supposed to be with me at this time when i needed her the most. I’m feeling like,the sweet pain in love is missing the better half. I was a normal person and had nothing with me. No job, No […]


I wish I could tell her

8th Grade Year I wish I wish I could tell her how I feel. Today I saw the most beautiful girl in the whole 8th grade class ,and the world. Jenny was her name, when i asked she spoke like an angel. I wish I could tell her how I feel… 12th Grade Year (Prom) I wish I wish I could tell her how I feel. Me and Jenny talked […]


Story of my life

Story of my life : Sometimes, In life we have to do compromise few things, But my life stars with compromises and might end with compromises. This is a true story of my life, My name is Neena, I am not fair but good looking. 5’6 height.. I had my elder sister and my parents were too strict in terms of relationships etc. They have warned me even when i […]


Love Story : How they actually met

How they actually met   Destiny means your future or fate.Some people believe in destiny and god make it true.Their are lots of people in our life we met but there are also a one special person in everyone life and want to spent whole life by them.This was the story of girl named kanchan and the guy named vikas.Their love story began on their school time. They both were […]


Real Love Story

                Real Love Story: Hello guys and girls. I’m RUCHI. I’m going to narrate a real love story about my best friend. As couples are made in Heaven, I do believe in love stories. But, this story has some turning point in it and hence, is so interesting that I can’t stop myself from sharing it with you all. Apparently I think if […]


Love Story

An – met Aaron on a amazing day of summer season season season in 1938 nearby the city flow standard bank. She was only 9 and he was 11. An – came from another city to this city with her near family members. They used to execute nearby the flow standard bank most of the periods, since they met. They rowed veins together, they swum together. They became friends progressively. […]