I Love Her

I love her: All the feeling I have on her still being stone in my heart. I still can`t find the right words to tell her how much I love her. God knows how deeply I truly love her. But, till now I ain`t got any answer from her. Doesn’t she know how much love her. What else can I do to show her my love? We suppose to meet […]


First Love

 First Love Love How wonderful when we are in love Can`t even describe how wonderful it is I fell in love with her Words cannot express how happy I am But I`m still afraid about this feeling


Appreciate The Person We Love

Appreciate The Person We Love When we love someone We must treat them nicely Doesn’t matter If we have treat them for one whole day But how did they treating us back?


Valentine Day Poems

Her eyes were beautiful, her looks divine. passion was fiery and the rythem sublime. just when i smiled, as she said she was mine, my alarm clock buzzed to wake me to a Happy Valentine Valentine Day Poems   Related articles We Are Never Alone When We Have Our Parents


Your Love Knots

Your Love Knots Threads of gold and silver have spun a lovely web Attaching themselves to my heart strings refusing to let go leaving my heart tied with your love knots.


Can I Forget You?

When I can no longer depend on my muse to guide heart and hand. Pen and paper lying beside me, not a word forth coming. Paper turning yellow with age, my eyes close for the last time, I breathe my final breath can I forget you?