Story of my life : Sometimes, In life we have to do compromise few things, But my life stars with compromises and might end with compromises. This is a true story of my life, My name is Neena, I am not fair but good looking. 5’6 height.. I had my elder sister and my parents were too strict in terms of relationships etc. They have warned me even when i was a child as if i have any relationship the results and outcomes might be worse for me… So i usually stay out of it and i always avoid talking with guys.. I have very few around couple of friends, Girls only.. And i was a shy girl who was very good at studies.

I always compromise the love with my sister, I don’t know why but i always feels as my parents love my sister more then me, They give attention more to her might be because she was elder then me and when i born they were expecting to have a baby boy instead of me..

My daily routine was to go to school, come directly to home and next day follow same routine.. I did not go to my relatives houses, Neither i attend any family parties.. I always wanted to enjoy my life but there were few things that were not letting me to do. When ever i go outside, i always found guy following me, or commenting or proposing me. As due to my family restrictions i was too afraid of telling them those things usually happends with me in streets. So i always tries to avoid come outside. My room my like my life where i have to be for the rest of my life.

My sister got married at the age of 25 and i was around 22 year of age that time. As i have no one to talk i started spending time on internet. By doing chatting online and using social networking websites. I started talking with a Guy. He was decent and have a good sense of humor. He lives far away from my hometown. And i was getting comfortable with him, We use to spent hours and hours chatting with each other. It happens for 3 years, we have not seen each other yet but we were talking on internet and we shared number with each other.

One day i got a call from him he said i am in your city might be outside your house. If you can confirm. I watched outside and he was standing and smiling. I was shocked what he is doing here how he gets my house as he was not from my city and its always tough to locate someone exact location.

I came slowly outside, I was afraid.. What will happen if someone will saw us, What will my parents do to me when they got to know a guy from internet came here to meet me. I asked him to come into my house slowly and go my my bed room. My parents were sleeping and if they woke up , I don’t want to imagine even..

He sits on a chair and we talked slowly slowly for the late night. He was here just because to meet me, Traveled almost 500Kms.. I was so excited and my heartbeat was too fast… He gently hugs me and i said he should leave and slowly went away. That night was unbelievable for me.. I was not imagining that some one can care,show his love that much… Now there were different kind of feelings in my heart for him. I did not showed but i was falling for him.

One day he approaches me and asked he to marriage., I said i have to ask my parents if they allow me to took the decision. He said take your time and let me know as his parents too searching a girl for him. He does not wants to to be late.. somehow, I screw up courage and told my parents the truth that some one wants to marry me, He is well settled and doing his business. But my parents don’t want me to marry with a guy whom i meet over internet. They were too possessive, They don’t believe people on internet.. They believe those people might fake you by showing different identity..


I was not convinced with them as i was too started dreaming  to get married with that guy,. But i don’t wanted to go against my family.. I have to compromise with my dreams. I told the guy my parents are not accepting but i need time so that i try to convince them. He said okay and he will wait..

Meanwhile, I become busy as health of my mother was one of my concern and after few days she passed away,  That time was the worst time of my life, I even not not tell how things were for me.Somehow, life goes on.. After few weeks i started living my life i tried to contact that guy but his numbers were not accessible.  His online profiles were deactivated and also he was not using them anymore.

One day again when i tries to call him at late night almost 1am.. Some lady picks up the call, I asked who are you and she said i am his wife, Who are you!! I have nothing to say when i hear he is married now and he didn’t wait for me. I had nothing to say and i just hangs the phone. Cried and cried all night. I had nothing left with me. No love from parents, no friend, a person whom i shared everything he lefts me too..  I again compromise for my love..

I have no belief in peoples, I am still single and i will be. I don’t want to get married. I don’t know but i am so negative.. I have negative vibes with me and i don’t want anybody to come to feel those vibes too

— Some times, we compromise for other and there are exceptions where we have no idea what we are doing and for whom we are compromising —-

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  1. well what to say …these type of things happen not only to anyone …they tend to take place with almost 90% of the people in Indian society.. be tough and face the world like a Tiger ..who at certain points agrees and let others do or eat before him and rarely seen in groups..have the courage

  2. Neena it is so sad of you’re story but i really enjoy the story and I also feel sad for you.

    Hope you get a perfect guy for yourself.

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