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Real Love Story:

Hello guys and girls. I’m RUCHI. I’m going to narrate a real love story about my best friend. As couples are made in Heaven, I do believe in love stories. But, this story has some turning point in it and hence, is so interesting that I can’t stop myself from sharing it with you all.

Apparently I think if you yearn for something in life and you are determined about that particular thing, you will achieve it whether it’s about success or love, you will probably acquire what God has written in your fate or destiny.

So I start it like this. I and my best friend, Garima have studied in the same class in our school days. We were one of the best friends, who used to share the feelings with each other. We trusted each other blindly. More likely, there are groups made in everyone’s class. Similarly, we also had one. We used to hang out together. Our group was the best in those times. We had it, consisting of 5 of us, out of which I and Garima were the girls, the rest being the boys- Jagmeet , Anmol and Tushar. Out of these three, Tushar had a unique personality. His way of speaking and behavior was so eye-catching and attractive that my friend was unable to stop herself from being infatuated. Sooner or later, she kept thinking about him and started liking him. She used to talk about him every now and then. Slowly, this infatuation took the face of love as she used to like each and everything he used to do, talk, and the list was on. I noticed that she had been in her own world from some days and didn’t use to talk to me much, and if she did, the apple of her eye, Tushar, was the centre of the talk. In some more days, she was so madly in love with his Adonis that she could not keep this secret from me. I had an idea but wasn’t sure of this, so was a bit surprised. The only way out that I could make was to express her love in front of her love. She was so concerned but did not have guts to tell him about her feelings and thus disagreed because most of the times, she felt shy and embarrassed from talking to him. And moreover, she was not able to face or stand with him. To be true, Love apparently changed her. Days kept passing and her love kept strengthening. Each day she tried to tell him about her feelings but in vain as she feared.

Now we were about to leave our higher school for as to do our graduation from different universities. Now, she used to sob each day as she knew it will be all over once the school days ended. Though, she really wanted to express her love, the fear of losing him even as a friend could not let her.  After some days there was a farewell party. My best friend made her mind that she will now tell him the truth. She was determined to express her love. She was excited and so dressed up smartly. But an unbelievable sight awaited over there. We both were shocked when we saw that he already had a girlfriend. My friend felt outrageous and terrible. This proved out as a pain in her life. She broke out the moment she realized that it was all over. She felt as if everything in her life has come to an end and there wasn’t any reason to live. Her party was ruined there only as the jealousy prevailed over her excitement and happiness. She remained in grief for a long period of time. I guided her now to pay her attention towards studies so she used to busy herself with one or the other work. But, as we know true love never dies , so she  wasn’t able to stop thinking about him . Then when we appeared for the final year of graduation , she was invited for her classmate’s marriage. Even Tushar was invited there. Garima talked to a boy there. They stood somewhat close. The boy she loved (Tuhar) came and asked Garima that who was that guy  with whom she was talking.? That moment recalled her of the farewell party where Tushar came with a girl. So in anger she spoke out that he is my boyfriend to whom I was talking. Tushr got angry and said that that guy is not good. So she should better maintain distance with him. She said why are u interfering in my life? He then told her that he madly love her n care about her a lot. My friend was stunned to hear such words as she unexpected thing happened. I was standing there with here .She asked me to pinch her .But undoubtedly this was the reality. My friend questioned Tushar that why you did not tell me earlier about your feelings. And from when do you love me? He smiled and said i love you from our school days. My friend felt as being at the top of the world.  My friend also expressed her feelings .This conversation sorted out and ultimately made both of them happy. My friend was so happy that she was on the seventh cloud. And so after that their families solemnized their marriage. Their true love Story ended happily. This couple proved out an inspiration for me. It was all written in their fate. God   made out the way. And so they met and now they are arranged with each other for life and beyond.

So this story, Gave a lesson for our life that just trust on God. Someone is surely made for you. And he /she will meet you only when God wants. Couples are made in heaven. Just wait for the right time to come. And so here it ends. The real love story .

Happy ending!real love story



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