I Understand

There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. She didn’t have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else. She always used to say that she’d marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her a pair of eyes… And that’s when she finally saw her boyfriend… She was astonished to see that her boyfriend […]


The Tragic Ending

He’s first person whom i had my crush and the love for my life. We met 14 years before, when we were Youngsters. We knew one another from secondary school to University, however didn’t talk much in light of the fact that we were Shy. Two of us scholarships to study in Singapore and I used to visit his campus however we at times met. At that point my Friends […]



Friends here’s a love with probably no end. Story of PANKAJ & SHIVANI Shivani was a fun loving sweet rabbit like girl with all kinds of naughtiness and fun. She used to spread love and joy around her. She probably the first one to stop someone or anyone from crying. A girl with big heart. But she herself was empty by heart with utmost pain because she was a girl […]


Story of my life

Story of my life : Sometimes, In life we have to do compromise few things, But my life stars with compromises and might end with compromises. This is a true story of my life, My name is Neena, I am not fair but good looking. 5’6 height.. I had my elder sister and my parents were too strict in terms of relationships etc. They have warned me even when i […]


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes are what which are into my life like a shadow.. And i know those quotes will not give me the booster or moral my confidence but it tells me my mistakes that i have done in my life, doing love is the mistake of my life i believe.. I was in 11th standard, Even i studied in a coeducation school where i had guys and girls in […]


College Romance

Love is a yellow brick road full of beauty and experiences. But are all the experiences of love full of bliss and romance? Can you ever hate the person you love? Derek Thorp reminisces about his encounter with college romance and a chance meeting with an angel. We’ve all had our share of college romances. But not all of them are ever pretty. I found myself in the middle of a […]


Love Story : How they actually met

How they actually met   Destiny means your future or fate.Some people believe in destiny and god make it true.Their are lots of people in our life we met but there are also a one special person in everyone life and want to spent whole life by them.This was the story of girl named kanchan and the guy named vikas.Their love story began on their school time. They both were […]


Real Love Story

                Real Love Story: Hello guys and girls. I’m RUCHI. I’m going to narrate a real love story about my best friend. As couples are made in Heaven, I do believe in love stories. But, this story has some turning point in it and hence, is so interesting that I can’t stop myself from sharing it with you all. Apparently I think if […]


Jenifer Love story

Jenifer Love story:  It’s a very unusual occurrence to see Jenifer’s name in one of my organizations paycheck. At initially when I saw her name, I amazed and I believed it’s a different Jenifer. But when I see you at the front part of me, I freezed for a second. It all started just 20 in the past. Richard was a rich boy in our school, and Jenifer was his […]


Love Story

An – met Aaron on a amazing day of summer season season season in 1938 nearby the city flow standard bank. She was only 9 and he was 11. An – came from another city to this city with her near family members. They used to execute nearby the flow standard bank most of the periods, since they met. They rowed veins together, they swum together. They became friends progressively. […]