Friends here’s a love with probably no end.

Shivani was a fun loving sweet rabbit like girl with all kinds of naughtiness and fun. She used to spread love and joy around her. She probably the first one to stop someone or anyone from crying. A girl with big heart. But she herself was empty by heart with utmost pain because she was a girl and had to prove her character every second, prove her purity, prove everything is right. This made her weak and day before her b’day comitted sucide and before sucide asked god to give her a reason to be alive give her someone something anything to live.

She lived after her attempt and few months later joined fb to get away from her depression and met pankaj. Pankaj was an engineer same as the shivani. Both from same branch. Shivani felt something some attachment with pankaj, shared her feelings, asked for suggestions etc. Gradually boy got attracted to her n proposed her. She being a conserved girl refused him and challenged him that he will stop loving her. But one day her parents caught a msg on her mobile ‘ gud nit jaan’, ‘ i love u jaan’. She in delima what to do either refuse to know him or accept. She didn’t want to lose him ad told her parents about their friendship. She talked to him about disclosing of their relation in front of her parents the boy replied ‘hm milkr smjhayenge unhe’. This made shivani fall for pankaj and this happended. Shivani madly loved pankaj and pankaj madly loved shivani. Bt they both can never get married because pankaj’s family will never accept this relation and for pankaj his dad was everything. Shivani was a supporting pillar for pankaj and accepted this yet madly loved her pankaj. Did everything for pankaj because of pankaj. Even lived for pankaj. Her god’s gift. Pankaj got engadged with someone and yet their love remain at their place. Shivani with a honest heart thought she was doing wrong with pankaj’s fiance and lied to pankaj about her finalization of marriage with abhishek that was a lie but anyhow showed pankaj to be a truth. Pankaj somehow felt abhishek is wrong for shivani and started telling her ‘you are doing wrong, he is not right for you’. One day he cried in front of her that made her weak and she stated entire truth. She can’t stop her from doing that. The remained same loving each other, understanding each other. She asked pankaj to love her fiance, tell her that you love her and take this to be my birthday gift. ‘Your love towards your fiance is my gift pankaj’ said shivani. He did the same and got married few months later. 3 days after marriage he called shivani talked to her. Time passed by he kept calling her and asked her to study and be a successfull girl. Yet they are in touch.
Still both love each and will always do.
A love story without an end….. Pankajshivani’s endless love…….

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