True Love Stories: This story is about my schoolmate who was the topper of the class. She used to invest time all the more on taking in like a book lover with less focus towards diversions, additional curriculars and so on. She was not so delightful. She was from an Orthodox crew. Days passed by and she was still in her books considering and mulling over, she arrived at sixth […]


Scars from society

                  Scars from society As a child, I generally asked why individuals cut? What was the interest in it? It never boded well for me. Was it to get consideration or to demonstrate something to somebody? I simply couldn’t comprehend that. Why might you need to damage yourself only in view of issues that could be determined? Why scar yourself over somebody […]


Kissing Air

Kissing air  You pursued me. I push open the entryway with a stunning accident, pummeling it against the inverse divider. You ascent and shout to me, incongruous words and inane expressions. The late evening light is bronze and burns my cheeks without notice. The bag under control is vacant, infertile and void like a desert; what do I need to bring it with me when you’ve pillaged and stolen everything […]


Natalie and Clayton's Story

She’s From:   United Kingdom He’s From:     United States Clayton and I met via AOL Instant messenger back in 1999. We were friends for a good year before we became a couple back in early April 2000. We finally met in person in August 2001. Natalie & Clayton on their wedding day Neither of us were expecting to fall in love online, but yet here we are telling you our story. […]


I Thought People Cared

Life isn’t too easy when the people you’re so used to having around, the people who you think cared about you, the people who you could trust no longer has your back. I know many have felt this way too so this is my story. Regina and Bert are not their real names. Gabe and Cat are real names in this story. Everything started in 8th grade. I had friends […]


College Romance

Love is a yellow brick road full of beauty and experiences. But are all the experiences of love full of bliss and romance? Can you ever hate the person you love? Derek Thorp reminisces about his encounter with college romance and a chance meeting with an angel. We’ve all had our share of college romances. But not all of them are ever pretty. I found myself in the middle of a […]


Jenifer Love story

Jenifer Love story:  It’s a very unusual occurrence to see Jenifer’s name in one of my organizations paycheck. At initially when I saw her name, I amazed and I believed it’s a different Jenifer. But when I see you at the front part of me, I freezed for a second. It all started just 20 in the past. Richard was a rich boy in our school, and Jenifer was his […]


Love Story

An – met Aaron on a amazing day of summer season season season in 1938 nearby the city flow standard bank. She was only 9 and he was 11. An – came from another city to this city with her near family members. They used to execute nearby the flow standard bank most of the periods, since they met. They rowed veins together, they swum together. They became friends progressively. […]


Love and Motorcycles : Cindy Love Story

Love and Motorcycles : Cindy Love Story Being a widow, marriage was the last thing I thought would ever occur. While at church one Sunday my pastor told me that a member of our church was back from an extended stay in Arizona. Pastor indicated he rode a motorcycle, and because I belong to Christian Motorcycle Assocation and have a bike ministry, maybe I could try to ‘be nice to him’. […]


Love is Waiting at Home True love story : Jeff and Sarah

Love is Waiting at Home True love story : Jeff and Sarah “Love is a crazy thing. I actually knew Jeff and his family from my home church. When I returned home from Virginia Beach in 2008, I depended on social media quite a bit for communication. Not having lived in my hometown for over 10 years, things/people here changed a lot! So I was on my Facebook one night, […]