Love Actually happens, It can not be deliberately done.. If so we can not called it as love or i bet it will not last long for ever… In my case, My love Just happens actually and even i was  aware for it too.

I was a girl who was so decent, afraid of things and usually does not talk to anyone with out any reason just because of my shyness and decency.. I don’t even had as many friends,. I was the elder daughter of my parents so i had responsibility for my siblings too..

I started my school days like normal girls, I was a cheerful gal alot of excitements but i managed to kept it inside always.. As i grow up i started talking alot, Still had very few friends but i become very very talkative. Now i was a changed girl who can speak more then 2-3 hours with out any topic..

I was intelligent, Who usually scores highest marks in my class and i had not noticed any guy in my class, My main focus was to study and study..

My school got finished, I was a teenager now, Young and more passionate  about studies. Started my college.. And in my college all of my friends had Boy friends, and they usually talk about them that we done this and this. Spent time with each other etc… I did not even feel like i should have some one in my life..  My thinking was as it might be like ditching to my parents.. After few days at my college i noticed a guy was following me each day he follow me from my college to my home.. I was little afraid but i didn’t tell anything to my parents… One day when i came out from my college the guy was standing there and were smiling to me, I then noticed he was muscular tall and white complexion.. My other friends started teasing me as i should talk to him he is cute etc… I just ignored and he again followed me only….

After few days he was following me and he increased his speed and came in front, Said ” you are so beautiful, I don’t know, i am right or wrong as i am following you, but just wanted to be a simple friend” .. I got afraid and i started running towards home… He smiled and went away.. I didn’t slept whole night was thing for him why he said that. What is good in me, I am really beautiful? What if he is a bad guy, what will happen when my parents got to know.. All these kind of questions were running in my mind..

Next day when i came from the college i was expecting him to follow me, But he was not there..  And day passed by he didn’t come after that.. I told the same to one of my friend as the guy is no more coming to college, I am little worried if he is fine.. My friend said, don’t worry give me couple of days she will get the information.. She told the same to his Boyfriend. And his boyfriend was known to that guy too… He said guy is busy at his job and when you neglected his proposal he didn’t wanted you to get disturb or afraid, So he stops coming after you… I really don’t know why but i took the address from my frnds boyfriend and went away to meet that guy who use to follow me…

I was little afraid, My heart was beating so fast and slowly and slowly i was moving towards his office, I was he was sitting in front of his laptop and was drawing a machine tool..  I said “hello” he just saw me and he was like, Ohhhhh Hiiee hiee hello hiii.. How do you come, why come, you do… He was totally confused what he have to say… I replied i just came here to say you sorry, I know your intention was not to make me afraid but i don’t know why u just run away from you..

He smiled and said, please sit …. I was getting late , I said my name is Maninder Kaur (Name changed) and you can follow me from college towards my home and i went away… Next day he was in black skin tight shirt blue jeans and he was looking good.. When i saw him i smiled and started walk towards my home and he was following me.. This happens for next 7-8 days and slowly slowly we started talking with each other whenwhile walking towards home.. We exchanged phone numbers and started night talks on phone..

A girl who use to be decent were changed in my own opinion, On my birthday. He came with bunch of roses a cake and a gift for me. I said i will take this if i get committed with you else i can not accept those beautiful gifts just after my wordings he started kissing me and it was my first time to feel that.. I even didn’t stopped myself… And right after that he said see we are into a committed relationship now. You may accept those gifts….

We are getting close to each other emotionally. But one day i noticed he was having Diazepam (medicine for Panic attacks) .. I asked him forcefully to tell me why he is taking that medicine, He said he is addicted to Drugs and he wanted to shun those after meeting with me.. He don’t wanted to that our relationship gets ended just because of his addiction..

I cried alot, I thought i might have take the wrong decision, But some how i managed to convince him as Drugs are not the good things we should keep away from the, else i need to left him my parents will not allow me to be with a drug addicted and even i am afraid from the persons who take drugs.. He holds my hands give me a tight hug and said “I promise i will do something to get rid of those bad habits” .

He then joined a classed where he get a course as how can we shun drugs and such things, He followed his promises and didn’t take it.. Even to check that i started to give him more and more time, We started to be together full days almost 8am to 10pm..  I cleared my exams with good marks and got a job in MNC and he too was on a good designation in his company…

My parents when got to know about ourself, They firstly not accepted our relationship, But somehow we both managed to convinced our parents to get married..

We got married on 2013 and since then we are living so happily. I can not even imagine how i started loving a person who was unknown to me, How he loved me so much. I just can say Love Actually Happens..

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