Lucky in Love : Craig and Kimberly

Lucky in Love : Craig and Kimberly : “I’d been out of a horrible relationship for 5 days when my friend said, ‘Come on, we’re going out!’ So I got dolled up and we went out into town. We’d been to a few nightclubs and it was getting late. I’d decided I’d had enough and my friend said, ‘Come on, let’s just go to one more’. I went to the […]


A British Girl's Dream Romance

A British Girl’s Dream Romance , Joshua and Sarah: “We met in church in September on the anniversary of my father’s death, which makes our relationship so much more redeeming. At first there was no attraction. He thought I was pretty, but he’s met a lot of pretty Christians and they turned out to be ‘blah’. As weeks went on, we hung out at a few church things. Little did I […]


Tony and Lu

Tony and Lu : “In February 1985, Tony invested a small amount of money into Mel Fisher’s search to find the Nuestra Senora de Athocha, the treasure-laden Spanish galleon that sank off the coast of Key West in September 1622. On July 20, 1985, Fisher found the ship after searching for 16 years. A week later, Tony was in Key West to help recover the treasure. “The same week, and […]


True Life Love Stories: How I Met My Sweetheart

how i met my sweetheart: I didn’t know true love existed before I met him…”  “I walked over to make conversation. That conversation is still going on today after 45 years…”  “For everyone out there that has not found true love, I can tell you, ‘Dont Give Up.’” Love stories don’t just happen on the silver screen. We asked every day people about the first time they met their spouses. […]


True Love Stories — What They Did For Love

true love stories- On a Sunday evening last November, Patrick Moberg, 21, a website developer, was in the Union Square subway station in New York City. “Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this girl,” he says.“She had bright blue shorts and dark blue tights and a flower in the back of her hair.” New York’s fun if you’re a guy — the city’s lousy with gorgeous women. […]


An Italian love story in English

 Hi Friends… true loveTo introduce myself, I am Niksa (Name changed). I am narrating my 100% true story which I don’t know that whether I should call a love story at all. I am writing this story to seek your opinion and take the most important decision of my life. If you are interested in masala Only, its time you shift to another story because it’s not a masala story […]



The Stranger Who Changed My Life: A Short Love Story

In this true short love story, a party girl meets her match as she passes through Montana with a traveling show. In 1983, I was traveling with a tiny theater company doing vaudeville-type shows in 
community centers and bars—anywhere we could earn $25 each plus enough gas money to get to the next small town in our ramshackle yellow bus. As we passed through Bozeman, Montana, in early February, a […]


Missed Connection

Dan Kottke, architect 31, and Erin Kottke, marketing manager, 26, Minneapolis, Minn. He: Late at night sometimes, I’d take online personality tests or browse through the “missed connections” on craigslist, an online community. People would post things like “I saw you on the number 7 bus,” and I’d think, That would be amazing if they actually got together. One night I saw a note from a woman named Erin that […]


They Tried it Twice

Jane Kallir, gallery co-owner, 54, and Gary Cosimini, software developer, 58, New York, N.Y. She: We were college sweethearts while I was a student at Brown University and Gary was at the Rhode Island School of Design. We met while working on a literary arts journal; I was the editor, and Gary was the art director. After I graduated, we moved in together in Manhattan in the fall of 1976—New […]


They Gave Love a Whirl

  They Gave Love a Whirl Shelia Wilson, Air Force chaplain, 56, and Tony Carter, Army veteran, 52, southern New Mexico She: As a busy professional, I really didn’t have time to meet men. I was in my 50s and had never married. I’m a chaplain and an officer in the United States military, so I wanted to make sure the man was the same rank as I was. I […]