Real love Story – Part 2 : I would like to continue my life on this website, I already have mentioned as what happens with me in my previous story real love story ..

He was not responsive at all, He went away from my life with out answering my questions. But one day i got a add request in facebook, I checked and he was the one who sent me request, I was too shattered even i disclose the same with my parents as i don’t talk with him anymore and again he wanted to come in my life.. I had so many questions in my mind… Why he is back again.. Should i talk with him? What he will say, what excuse he will give me. And what will be my reaction. Do i accept him in my life again, Things will be normal as it use to be previously??

I don’t know but i neglected his add requested and i did not responded, I thought as it is over and we should live our life.. He started calling me again and again… He messaged me over facebook and other social networks as he wanted to talk to me. Wanted to be my friend and he was promising me as things will be fine again, But this time i was not in a mood to talk with him… I believe with his neglection  behavior, It effects on my life…  He was continuously  sending me messages and calls and asking me for forgiveness, He literally touched my feet’s and asked me to give the forgiveness,. But i was not in that mood to talk to to forgive him things were in my mind all of time as he ruined my life and left me with out saying anything and things were so changed for me, I was like i have moved on.. One day i reverted back to him so rude.. I thought he will never ever message me again.. But he was still standing there, I shouted him abused him alot intentionally because i was so upset with him.. When pointed my fingers on his character since then he said the limit is exceeded and he can not hear anymore and left..

We again have no talk to each other, But some where i realized as i was talking so rude even i was saying sorry… One day i talked with one of her friend. She told me as the Guy is mentally disturbed and he have a treatment going on for depression. He don’t felt asleep for 3-4 days and he is too taking meditations.. I feel guilt as this happens because of me.. Because of my rude behavior and my words about separation he got disturbed professionally and mentally..

Then only i again tries to contact him this time i was the one who said sorry, and tries to talk to him. He did not ignored me but he did not responded me well as i was expecting.. I might expecting alot as when i will message him he will sudden text back with a curiosity… But things were different this time he was too much effected with my rudeness..

I explained the situation to one of my mutual friend.  Where she individually asks us both what we want about our thinking and what we are want in terms of a relationship with each other.. I said i am comfortable and want to be with this guy as a friend and if things go fine i will be comfortable enough to marry him..

Where as Guy believes, Things will not be fine and might be worse in future too, Still he too wanted to give a try and this will be our last chance, My parents are searching a guy for me to get married, I have asked them to wait for few months let me give a try as if as spent next 6 months with each other with out fighting then we might be able to spent life time with each other..

Meanwhile Guy’s friends don’t like me at all and they keep asking the Guy as this might be ur biggest mistake to have this girl in your life, You might end up by taking a wrong decision and you will regret later on, So don’t even give a chance to this girl who will be not good for you.. As you know all the history how can you be with this girl… Guy have no idea what he is doing, this is fine to be with me or he is taking a wrong decision, Where as i am sure will have a good time if we will be together… My parents are waiting for my decision and i am waiting for his decision..

My life is still a misery  what will happen i have no idea, But i will keep posted here to express and share my feelings..

— Love can happen twice and thrice, But depends whom you are loving.. —

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  1. nice story, but itso nice when ur family find me as sooner to make ur husband right????? bwahhahahaha dont wait her decision just find me now email me hehe jokeeeeeeee

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