Appreciate The Person We LoveAppreciate People

When we love someone
We must treat them nicely
Doesn’t matter
If we have treat them for one whole day
But how did they treating us back?

When we love someone
We willing to sacrifice everything that we got
Willing to fulfil all of their hope
But , when we ask to do something
They always give us excuses
It`s ok, maybe the sacrifice is too hard for them

When we love someone
We will do anything as long as they are happy
When they are happy
We also happy
We will feel like we are the most happy person in the world
But people change
Sometimes they all happy
Sometimes they all not

When we love someone
We must show how much we truly love them
How much we care about them
We don’t want they to feel lonely
Even for a minute
But they never show how much they love us
It`s ok, maybe they not ready to show it yet

When we love someone
We will not argue with them
We will not hurt their feelings
But even we have admit our faults
They still mad at us
It`s ok, maybe they having a bad day

When we love someone
We will always think about them
Whatever we did we must think about them first
But they never think about us
It`s ok, maybe one day they will think about us

When we love someone
We will never leave them
Don`t want to leave them
Even for a minute
Trying very hard to be always by their side
But they easily leave us alone
Sometimes it feel s like we doesn’t matter at all to them
Wonder what will happen if we are not here anymore

When we love someone
We will not kept any secrets from them
We will be totally honest to them
But when we ask something about them
They won`t tell us anything
They even get mad only because want kept it all secrets
It`s ok, maybe they still can`t give us their trust yet

When we love someone
We will sacrifice anything
Including our love to them
As long they are happy
Even though we too love them
And don`t want to lost them
But do they know
All the sacrifice we make?

When we has left them forever
They come to visit us at our grave
And they said they are totally sorry
Sorry because never treat us well before
Sorry because they have give us many problems before
Sorry because never think about us
Sorry because always kept us waiting
Sorry because always kept secrets from us
Sorry because never realise all the sacrifice we have done before

When we has left them forever
They come and said their sorry
When we really love someone
No matter what have they done
We will always forgive them
Now we has left the world forever
Hope they will be happy without us
Even though we have left them
We will always love them forever
No matter what happens.

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