I love her - love storiezI love her: All the feeling I have on her still being stone in my heart. I still can`t find the right words to tell her how much I love her. God knows how deeply I truly love her. But, till now I ain`t got any answer from her. Doesn’t she know how much love her. What else can I do to show her my love?

We suppose to meet the other day. But she can’t make it. A day after that, I have the chance to meet her. I don’t want to lose the only chance I have. She come to me, she very shy at the beginning. Cant mention how happy I am when finally got to meet her. But it won’t last long. I have other thing to do. So we have set up some other time to meet again. I can’t wait to meet her again. But it all ain’t happen that night. I’m a bit disappointed with that. So I take some time alone in a quiet place. After few hours, I drive back home. And hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
Today I really feel alone. She never likes this before. We always contact each other. But after the day we met, she always said that she is busy with something. And she never answer my call neither my text. Why she suddenly be like this. I understand if she busy with her stuff. But it’s been days now. I really miss her.
We promise to meet tonight. I’m looking forward to that. After I have done with my work. I went to her house directly even workplace is far from her house. I want to meet her first. I wait near her house. I tried to call her. But she ain’t answering. Dozens time I called her. But still ain’t no answer. So I wait more. Finally she sent me a message. She said she busy that why she can’t answer my call. I wonder, is she knows where I am now. After that, she said she has to finish her work. So that my answer for tonight. I didn’t tell her that I wait for her in that restaurant for an hour. I don’t want her to feel guilty or being force to meet me. So I take my way home. I’m really disappointed. I feel like I’m doesn’t mean anything to her. I’m nobody. Maybe it’s just me who want this relationship. Maybe I should take back my step. I don’t want to disturb her no more. But I will still love her forever.

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