First Love

How wonderful when we are in love
Can`t even describe how wonderfulovestoriez.coml it is
I fell in love with her
Words cannot express how happy I am
But I`m still afraid about this feeling

How wonderful when we are in love
Everything will turn up side down
I can`t stop thinking about her
Her face will pop up everywhere
When I`m eating
When I`m having a shower
Even in my sleep
I try to do my best for her
But why does it still feel like it is not good enough

When we are in love
No matter how hard we run from it
It will keep getting stronger each day
I don’t know why I love her this much
Does she know what my feelings are right now
Why she still not giving me any answer
Doesn`t matter
I love her with all my heart
That`s what matter
When we are in love
There will be lots of test we to get through
It`s for the good of the relationship
Depends whether we want to take it in a good way
Or one way another

When we are in love
There`s lot to be learned
When I was with her
I`m happy
I love to see her face
I love talking to her
I love joking with her
I love looking at her smile
How sweet she was when she smile
But I don’t know
I`m really confuse
What really are between us

When we are in love
We will feel a new feeling
A feeling that we never be felt before
When we have accepted the love
We will always be happy with the person we love

When we are in love
We will be happy always
But why there still a sad feeling in me
I pray to God
Is this really my true love
If it is, thank you God

When we are in love
There`s no other feeling more greater than being loved
Sometimes, our love are with someone else
More worst, if the love betrayed our self
It`s really hurts when it does happen
I`ve felt it before
Today, I know she`s not mine
She belong to someone else
No matter how deep is my love to her
I have to accept the fact
I have to respect her
I will love her forever.

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