Love and Motorcycles : Cindy Love Story


Love and Motorcycles : Cindy Love Story

Being a widow, marriage was the last thing I thought would ever occur. While at church one Sunday my pastor told me that a member of our church was back from an extended stay in Arizona. Pastor indicated he rode a motorcycle, and because I belong to Christian Motorcycle Assocation¬†and have a bike ministry, maybe I could try to ‘be nice to him’. Our mutual love for the Lord and motorcycles was all it took. We were married 3 months later. Upon announcing to the pastor our intentions, he stated, ‘I just wanted you to be nice to him,’ with a big grin on his face and he then scolded my future husband for taking me away as we were already planning cross country rides. We are 60 and 73 years young and as I write this we are 1,300 miles from home with our motorcycles.

~ Cindy

richard and cindy

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