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This is the real love story of a guy, Who really loves a girl…This is the story when i was in my college.

A saw a true story of a student who studied in PGDCA(Post graduation) class.And a girl studied in FD(Fashion designing)

class in a same college.As usual the classes were going on meanwhile Boy saw a girl he got attracted with a girl But he was

not sure as it is just an attraction or love.. He then started notice that girl, Use to follow her, But he makes sure girl

don’t notice that activity. The guy was really started liking her, The way she talks, the way she smiles her dress up etc..

Still he does not commit anyone as he is in love.. As they were in same college both use to see each other on regular basis

at college but none of them had that kind of guts to say anything to each other.

One day boy finally decided to take initial  step and go toward the girl to tell her what he feels about her..Finally with

courage he told her but the girl refused his proposal, The heart got shatters as he thought girl might be interested too..

But girl replied as she love with someone else. A guy internally broke in pieces and went away without saying even a any


It was a very tough time for that guy, He was like day dreaming all the time and was thinking about that girl..He was not

angry on girl but some where hurt inside.  As day passed by, Girl started to say Hi Hello every day and They both become

friend and few of the times they chatted with each other.

The Guy told the girl that the guy she loves is not a good person but she can’t beleive it and she might thinks he is saying

just because as he is jelious or might be wanted her to breakup… Things were going as on normal. But one day girl got to

know that she is pregenent.She was like in a shocked sitituation she told the guy she loved about the pregnency but he

doesn’t care about it, He tooks it as casually and said to aborted the child or as “I am not ready to take the

responsibility” and wanted to do breakup right away..

The girl numed and broke.She was in the sitituation that she cann’t do anything everything was just finished.Then she called

the one guy who loved her truly.She told everything that happened with her.He said “He don’t have any kind problem and want

to girl in his life” As a life partner, He even said as he accepts that child too and will give that child his name…

The other guy was hospitalized due to an minor accident. The girl went to hospital to meet him with a boaque of flower and

said “Thanks,You spoil my life”. Right after she left away. Than she called his friend guy and said “Yes” i would like to be

with you now…  And accepted his proposal. She said “can you talk with me whole night”.The boy called her and they were

talking with whole night.The guy feels so happy that he was with her. Out on 7th cloud..The girl asked him to come to her

place at  6am. I wanted you to be here that time. He said “ok” i will come by that time. They talked on phone for 4am than

she said ok now we have to take rest and meet me after couple of hours

At exact 6am  when he reaches the girl’s home and he saw the body of the girl infront of him. Family is crying like hell and

every one is stunned, No one knows what happened, Guy cried alot and fall on the ground.He didn’t knew what had happened.The

truth is when they were talking at night she have poison already because she was in depressed situtation and she deeply hurt

and broke and finally decided to take a step of commiting suicide.

And after that, the guy had no clue what to do.. He got mentally disturbed he was in depression,left his study and live life
like heartless.        sad love story    A one wrong decision to pick a person can spoil many life’s.It is in our hand to judge what is wrong and right for us.Never leave the good “one” person in your life..


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  2. ys….nvr lse the one who u nt whm u lve….i hve also gt the true lve n i fl lcky tht i gt such a creful lvng n rspctfl lve n thx yr fr bng thr in my lfe thx alot n i rqust u nt to lve me…

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  4. well my story is too different my pain in double of all the stories’ parsonages..i used to be calm girl doesn’t know anything from the world believe anyone and anything..i found harm heart hold me,share with me sad events as well as the happy one..i fall in love with the wrong person someone whom i can’t be with and can’t pain in too big i spend almost the days crying bkz the destiny didn’t fair..each time i speak about i find my eyes full of tears..what happened and how i don’t know but the certain thing am sure about is i can’t live with the idea that he will marry another women not is suck and people are so

    1. Being with someone is not the end. You can still love him despite the fact you cant get married. You can make your love your strength and win the world to prove that your love for a person is not wrong. You honestly loved him. Love is itself a stong relation and doesnt require a label of marriage which is nothing just a social contract.

  5. If you realy love some one pls ……..Never leave the good “one” person in your life…..

  6. nice love story but probably the girl didnt loved him….if she did them she wouldn’t have done that

  7. Ek Love story SANTSH & NEHA KI – SANTOSH

    Ek Love story SANTSH & NEHA KI My dear friend mai ap ko ek true love story suna raha hu, mujhe bhi pata nahi tha ek din mere life is kadar ho jaye gi ki dudh ki jagh sarab pina pare ga… Dost ab is duniya mai bahut kam log hi pyar karte hai baki sablog time pass karte hai..maine bhi kisi larki se bahut pyar karta tha uska name neha tha she is orphen . but maine use sabkuch diya kisi chij ki kami nahi hone di . apne ma or papa se bhi use jada pyar kane laga 2-3 years ho gaye hame lakin wo achnacak mujhe chod kar kisi dusre ko apna boy friend bana li. or mujhe boli tumahe delhi ki laki se pyar kane kisne bola tha. mai to timepass kar rahi thi.. tum kahi or sadi kar lo or agar marne ka man hai to mar ja o..mujhe koi effect nahi padta. ab bata o mai kya karu..

    maine uske leye apni famliy tak ki bat nahi mani or jise jan se jada pyar kya use mere jan hi leye or sarab ki aadat lag gaye….jo kabhi sarab chuta nahi tha aj wo sarabi ho gaya…. IS LEYE DOST PYAR MAT KARO SIRF ASHU MILANGE KHUSHI NAHI…@SANTOSH ANAND@09540237779 I LOVE YOU NEHA Kya sari Larkiya ek jasi hoti hai ? Kya ham us se pyar karte hai to sirf kiss hi kar sakte hai agar wo galat kare to use dat nahi sakte ? Kya pyar ka arth kisi ko use kar ke akale marne ke le chod dena hai? IS LEYE DOST PYAR MAT KARO SIRF ASHU MILANGE KHUSHI NAHI…@SANTOSH ANAND@09540237779 I LOVE YOU NEHA i am waiting your replay Eamil : mai ek book likhna chata hu or kuch nahi life to mere barbad ho gaye lakin mai chata hu koi or mere tarah na bane….

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