I Don’t Deserve You

I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone, really. I’m sorry that this crazy bastard that I am chose out of all the women in that little store we toil in, it had to be you. Looking from the so-called competition, it was probably obvious why I wanted you. You have such a lovely, albeit rather unkempt, brunette ponytail. You have a perky, lively manner of walking, something that is […]


They Gave Love a Whirl

  They Gave Love a Whirl Shelia Wilson, Air Force chaplain, 56, and Tony Carter, Army veteran, 52, southern New Mexico She: As a busy professional, I really didn’t have time to meet men. I was in my 50s and had never married. I’m a chaplain and an officer in the United States military, so I wanted to make sure the man was the same rank as I was. I […]