Love Actually

Love Actually happens, It can not be deliberately done.. If so we can not called it as love or i bet it will not last long for ever… In my case, My love Just happens actually and even i was  aware for it too. I was a girl who was so decent, afraid of things and usually does not talk to anyone with out any reason just because of my […]


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes are what which are into my life like a shadow.. And i know those quotes will not give me the booster or moral my confidence but it tells me my mistakes that i have done in my life, doing love is the mistake of my life i believe.. I was in 11th standard, Even i studied in a coeducation school where i had guys and girls in […]



True Love Stories: This story is about my schoolmate who was the topper of the class. She used to invest time all the more on taking in like a book lover with less focus towards diversions, additional curriculars and so on. She was not so delightful. She was from an Orthodox crew. Days passed by and she was still in her books considering and mulling over, she arrived at sixth […]


Scars from society

                  Scars from society As a child, I generally asked why individuals cut? What was the interest in it? It never boded well for me. Was it to get consideration or to demonstrate something to somebody? I simply couldn’t comprehend that. Why might you need to damage yourself only in view of issues that could be determined? Why scar yourself over somebody […]


A truth about love

A truth about love We’re debilitated and our souls have become tired. Much the same as the dress you wore developed worn, your spirit likewise wears out. Before long, the tiredness will overpower all and there might be a dimness encompassing the trusts of the souls’ meandering. Does life make a difference? Does it make a difference? Isn’t that right? We pose this question ordinarily. We battle and quickly kick […]


Kissing Air

Kissing air  You pursued me. I push open the entryway with a stunning accident, pummeling it against the inverse divider. You ascent and shout to me, incongruous words and inane expressions. The late evening light is bronze and burns my cheeks without notice. The bag under control is vacant, infertile and void like a desert; what do I need to bring it with me when you’ve pillaged and stolen everything […]



By anonymous Hi this is me i don’t know where to start with because my life has been a total mess from the beginning always disastrous. Here i m not to discuss how much troubled my childhood was but it was pity much disgusting ,yes it was it was so troublesome that i for the first time wanted to commit suicide when i didn’t even knew exact  English word for […]


Book of your life

Imagine the book of your life, its covers, its beginning and end, and your birth and your death. You can only know the moments in between, the moments that make up your life. It makes no sense for you to fear what is outside of those covers, whether before your birth or after your death. And you needn’t worry how long the book is, or whether it’s a comic strip […]


Falling in Love

Nothing feels better than falling in love.. Its like a drug… Being in love is great but the giddy falling part is  the best. Staying in love is just a plain hard work. Guess the thing to do is keep falling in love over and over again. Always with the one you can’t live with out….


Girl Friend Cheated

girlfriend cheated Just Because my EX Girl friend cheated on me, I have lost faith in all girls.