Missing Her: I’m missing her at every moment, I’m missing her at every breath inhale. I’m missing her when I laugh and i miss her at my bad time. She was supposed to be with me at this time when i needed her the most. I’m feeling like,the sweet pain in love is missing the better half.

I was a normal person and had nothing with me. No job, No money, No carrier but then she came suddenly as my lady luck and my life started changing. I was a hard worker and i cleared an interview from a huge company. It was life changing opportunity for me, I started living my life peacefully and we both were so much in Love.

We saw so many dreams together, I have started saving my money for her and for our better future. Purchased a luxurious home, car and everything. She loved me with the same intensity when I had nothing and she was loving me with the same intensity now when I’m rich.

But future had some other plans, I proposed her for marriage and she said YES. One of the best thing in my life, Best moment when she kissed me and i kissed her back. That was our first ever kiss and her touch was so holy and divine.

7 days before marriage, she went to another city to buy some gifts for us and meet up with road accident and she is no more with us. All the promises we had got shattered. I’m missing her right now every single minute. I wish i could touch her and feel her and show her how much i love her.

I’m missing her.. I miss you.

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