True Life Love Stories: How I Met My Sweetheart

how i meet my sweet heart

how i met my sweetheart: I didn’t know true love existed before I met him…”

 “I walked over to make conversation. That conversation is still going on today after 45 years…”

 “For everyone out there that has not found true love, I can tell you, ‘Dont Give Up.’”

Love stories don’t just happen on the silver screen. We asked every day people about the first time they met their spouses. Read about these real life romances.


Rob and Willa

rob and willa

“As a college student, I was teaching a Sunday school class of third graders. One of the eight-year-olds, Kirsten, regularly had prayer requests regarding her awful, mean, grouchy big sister. We regularly prayed that her sister would be nicer. Meanwhile, a number of people kept suggesting that I date Kirsten’s sister. Well, I’d heard enough to know to steer clear! At Christmas, Willa – Kirsten’s sister – approached me at church and handed me a Christmas card. I mumbled something noncommittal. About a year later, a friend I worked with was pitching to me how I should take her out. I told him I’d heard about her from her little sister. He laughed  and told me that Kirsten had three sisters and Willa was definitely not the mean one. So – a year late – I told Willa,’Thanks for the Christmas card.’ She retorted: ‘Well, don’t expect another one!’ We’ve now been married 28 years.” ~ Rob

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