By anonymous Hi this is me i don’t know where to start with because my life has been a total mess from the beginning always disastrous. Here i m not to discuss how much troubled my childhood was but it was pity much disgusting ,yes it was it was so troublesome that i for the first time wanted to commit suicide when i didn’t even knew exact  English word for […]


Natalie and Clayton's Story

She’s From:   United Kingdom He’s From:     United States Clayton and I met via AOL Instant messenger back in 1999. We were friends for a good year before we became a couple back in early April 2000. We finally met in person in August 2001. Natalie & Clayton on their wedding day Neither of us were expecting to fall in love online, but yet here we are telling you our story. […]


real love story

Real Life Love Story: People Usually says, Love is what happens once and real love can not be happen again and again. I don’t know as if it is correct. Because i was in love twice in my life.. After reading the Real Love Story I thought to have my story on this website too. Let me start my Story, I was in school and he was my classmate. We […]


Real Love Story

                Real Love Story: Hello guys and girls. I’m RUCHI. I’m going to narrate a real love story about my best friend. As couples are made in Heaven, I do believe in love stories. But, this story has some turning point in it and hence, is so interesting that I can’t stop myself from sharing it with you all. Apparently I think if […]