Holiday Deals

Holiday Deals: This is my story which i would like to share with you. I was watching Mr and Mrs Iyer (Hindi Movie) yesterday and somewhere was touches my heart because my life is very similar to movie story. My name is Tia and i live in eastern part of India..  My life totally gets changed many years ago it 2002 February when i decided to visit Gujarat to see […]


Help Me! I'm In Love With An Addict

How to Survive a Relationship with an Alcoholic or Drug Addict Are you married to … or in a relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict? Have you reached your wits end as to what you can do to help the alcoholic/addict you love to overcome their addiction? Do you wonder how to cope amidst the chaos you now find yourself in? The reality is that being involved with someone […]


How do you find True Love

Many individuals ask “how do I find true love”? There are many passionate, type and amazing individuals Many individuals ask “how do I find true love”? There are many passionate, type and amazing individuals who are individual – and wish they weren’t. So why can’t you discover them? Why haven’t you been able to discover the really like you’ve always wanted? You can. You can evade the solitude, the harm, […]


I Love Her

I love her: All the feeling I have on her still being stone in my heart. I still can`t find the right words to tell her how much I love her. God knows how deeply I truly love her. But, till now I ain`t got any answer from her. Doesn’t she know how much love her. What else can I do to show her my love? We suppose to meet […]


First Love

 First Love Love How wonderful when we are in love Can`t even describe how wonderful it is I fell in love with her Words cannot express how happy I am But I`m still afraid about this feeling


Appreciate The Person We Love

Appreciate The Person We Love When we love someone We must treat them nicely Doesn’t matter If we have treat them for one whole day But how did they treating us back?


Love Breakup

Love Breakup : I am writing this story in tears, I believe i have nothing left and everything is vanished. My life my soul nothing is with me, I am not a singer anymore, I am not a writer anymore neither i can study or prepare for my exams. He took away every single thing from me. But i still love him according to him he broked it up with […]


A truth about love

A truth about love We’re debilitated and our souls have become tired. Much the same as the dress you wore developed worn, your spirit likewise wears out. Before long, the tiredness will overpower all and there might be a dimness encompassing the trusts of the souls’ meandering. Does life make a difference? Does it make a difference? Isn’t that right? We pose this question ordinarily. We battle and quickly kick […]



By anonymous Hi this is me i don’t know where to start with because my life has been a total mess from the beginning always disastrous. Here i m not to discuss how much troubled my childhood was but it was pity much disgusting ,yes it was it was so troublesome that i for the first time wanted to commit suicide when i didn’t even knew exact  English word for […]


Real Love Story

                Real Love Story: Hello guys and girls. I’m RUCHI. I’m going to narrate a real love story about my best friend. As couples are made in Heaven, I do believe in love stories. But, this story has some turning point in it and hence, is so interesting that I can’t stop myself from sharing it with you all. Apparently I think if […]