I Understand

There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. She didn’t have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else. She always used to say that she’d marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her a pair of eyes… And that’s when she finally saw her boyfriend… She was astonished to see that her boyfriend […]


Real love Story - Part 2

Real love Story – Part 2 : I would like to continue my life on this website, I already have mentioned as what happens with me in my previous story real love story .. He was not responsive at all, He went away from my life with out answering my questions. But one day i got a add request in facebook, I checked and he was the one who sent […]


Love Actually

Love Actually happens, It can not be deliberately done.. If so we can not called it as love or i bet it will not last long for ever… In my case, My love Just happens actually and even i was  aware for it too. I was a girl who was so decent, afraid of things and usually does not talk to anyone with out any reason just because of my […]


Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotes are what which are into my life like a shadow.. And i know those quotes will not give me the booster or moral my confidence but it tells me my mistakes that i have done in my life, doing love is the mistake of my life i believe.. I was in 11th standard, Even i studied in a coeducation school where i had guys and girls in […]



By anonymous Hi this is me i don’t know where to start with because my life has been a total mess from the beginning always disastrous. Here i m not to discuss how much troubled my childhood was but it was pity much disgusting ,yes it was it was so troublesome that i for the first time wanted to commit suicide when i didn’t even knew exact  English word for […]