Sad Love Quotes are what which are into my life like a shadow.. And i know those quotes will not give me the booster or moral my confidence but it tells me my mistakes that i have done in my life, doing love is the mistake of my life i believe..

I was in 11th standard, Even i studied in a coeducation school where i had guys and girls in my class, But still i don’t know why i didn’t talked with anyone till my 11th class. I had my rules in my mind as guys are not good they can harm you etc etc..  I was  even not close to many girls.. I have limited friends probably 1-2 only with which i share my time…

I was that kind of girl who don’t go out with anyone.. My routine was to visit school and came back to home right after school gets over… I started studying online started preparing my notes and those days everyone was on social networking websites.. I was although not interested in talking to anyone but just to get the experience as how social networking websites works and why people are crazy about those websites i created my account too…

I added few peoples in my list who were acquaintances to me.. Started talking with few guys just hi hello and disconnected…  There were so many add requests to my account by i kept ignoring all of them as my basic nature was not allowing me to talk to many peoples… I started talking to a guy in regular basis for 2-5 minutes everyday..  Hike how are you, Whats new okay bye.. He was polite with me and never ever said me that he would like to talk or he doesn’t forced me to wait that some where i like that..

I was concentrating on my studies, and my main focus was to get good marks.. I never thought about relationships never thought to get committed…  Days passed by.. I was in 12th now same routine same days and result got declared, I was the topper in my school i was so excited. I came online and messaged him as i have scored “A” grade and how about yours he saw my messages but didn’t responded properly.. I said your not happy with my result…. He told me he fail in the exams and logged out… I was little disappointed for him..  I messaged after 5-10 days again and again but didn’t hear anything from him…. Even i was busy with the further preparations. I started engineering  at Delhi..

He messaged me one day(after around 8 months) asking what i am doing now where i am.. I replied him as in am in delhi and asked about him… He said he have passed him exam and will leave for the punjab for further studies..  We talked online for few minutes and then again i logged out and started my studies…  We use to talk after few days like, there was a gap between 8-10 days and then 15 minutes of chat.. Things were fine but as i was free at Delhi i started to come online more often and he usually gets online every time… We started talking on regular basis now with more time interval like 1-2 hours a day..   I had no image/Photo of mine on internet so no body knows how do i look  including him..

We had few mutual friends, Like few friends of him are close to me and few friends of mine were close to him.. But he had no clue as i am tall or small, Thin fat white or black… He asked one of his friend about mine, He pranks him as i am so ugly and no one can even sit with me as i stinks… But he still remains as he was with me and talked with me gently and politely.. He was so humorous and he made me laugh when when i got said… Slowly slowly he made me his addiction when ever i feel sad i use to message him or talk with him to feel good. . I said nothing to him i was like a little rude to him still he managed me to understand and i was becoming comfortable with him..

As mentioned above i had not as many friends so i started talking with him about his life, His career and expectations..  Meanwhile i completed my studies and got a job in my hometown where as he completed his studies and started masters degree and got a job meanwhile.. Things were fine, One day he called me at late night and literately he was like dunked crying and saying me that i love u… I was shocked my heart was like beating so fast, I was afraid and excited too.. I can not explain my feelings as i don’t know myself what kind of feeling it was.. I managed to talked to him by saying don’t cry i am always here for you just go and sleep we will talk in the morning.. Some how he slept but i was sleepless, I was thinking as if is serious, He might be kidding me, What should i say to him if he asks the same question in the morning.. What will be his reaction if i said NO. and why should i say NO i like him too.. But what will be my parents reaction when they will got to know as i like someone..  I was just thinking and thinking and i saw the sun coming up in the morning and looking so beautiful.. I thought it might be the new start for me, New dreams, New hopes….  That particular day i called him and asked what had happen to you last night,… He just ignored and said please forget that….  I was crying as i love you and i was drunk… I mean it i love you and will do. He proposes me on that particular note.. I just said yes to him…

We haven’t meet up yet face to face we were talking to each other since 8 years. I have seen him on social networking display images and he saw me in images only..  We were so close and comfortable with each other we were understanding each other now.. He was so busy person in his job no time to sleep even..  And i don’t wanted to be a burden on his shoulders so i don’t even call him until his permission…  He commits me he will marry me with in next 1 year.  Meanwhile my parents were forcing me to get married and they were searching some one for me….  But i just wanted to get married whom i like, Love understands… I neglected so many proposals for marriage… My parents were becoming annoyed on me just because of my stubborn behavior for marriage..

I was waiting for the day when he will come to my house and will ask my parents as he wanted to marry me.. I was dreaming and waiting for that day… He always says he will come soon and he just wanted to get settle in his life.. Just wait for few more months.. And as per his promises i was waiting and waiting for that day to come..  One day i logged on to my facebook account and i saw “Relationship- Engaged ”  with another girl… That was the worst day of my life. My eyes becomes wet, I have no clue how to respond.  I picks my phone to abuse that person, Who asked me to wait and for which i was waiting since last 7 years got Engaged with some one else and i had no idea who that girl is..  I picked my phone dialed his number and my number was in his blocklist.. I tried with my mum’s phone again and he didn’t picked it up… I tried again and again each day he was not picking up my call.. I just want to hear few answers.. As why he spoils my life,..  If he was not willing to marry he why he showed his care, fake promises and why he don’t let me marry other guys when i was getting proposals.  I thought to commit suicide, But my mind said why! Just because of that guy who did the timepass with you and threw you from his life??

I was calling him each and everyday and one day he picks my call..  I started crying and said why u did that to me. Why you ditched me… He didn’t answer me.. He just ” you will get someone else better then me” ..

I have no clue what i was doing since 8 years, Why i was talking to him. he ever feels for me, he ever loves me? What was that when we were talking on phones, I was just a time pass? What should i do now ! There are many questions  which left unanswered. And no one will answers to those questions..  I spoiled my precious years of life waiting for some one..

Now i have started writing and i write “Sad Love Quotes” below is one of the example for the same:

Some times, Love is not enough for the couple to be together… And if you think you are in love make sure your partner thinks the same..

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