My real love story : Rahul and Shaviya


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This is the real story that i would like to share.   My name is Rahul,  I was in high school when i meet a girl name Shaviya.. I saw her at another section, She was so beautiful.. Blue eyes, black long hair fair complexion… And if i describe myself, I was not as much handsome i would say an average guy.   Black hair brown eyes and my complexion is fair too.

Let me proceed the story, I was in high school when i saw her, I saw like “WOW” what a beauty. She was new at school and many guys were behind that girl.. I use to see that girl when no one is watching me and when she watched at me i preferably change the sight of my eye.. That last long for many days again and again same routine..

One day our college was about to over as our final exams were coming. I thought this is the end, as i was not sure as it was love or what..  I thought now she will not meet me again.. I was little disappointed.. I was going home in a mini bus and i saw she was sitting in that bus too. She looked at me and smiled. My hear was in my mouth as what is going on…  She really likes me? It was like unbelievable for me.. My destination came and i was about to come out from bus suddenly meanwhile she touches my hand and ask me to stay.. I sits again in mini bus and i was speechless i was not able to look to her eyes that time.. I just watched straight and her station came  too. She went out and i came out with her too from the bus..

She then smiled and said byee.. I gently said bye and i was not expecting as this can happen with me, I went home and i was on top of clouds. I was excited and i was waiting for new day so that i can go and meet her at school(we need to collect roll numbers) on that day.. I went to school early and waited for her. But she didn’t come. i don’t know why she didn’t came… I went to home i was thinking for her all the time….

Days passed by after 7-8 days, i thought its good to go to her home, Let see if we can talk… I went to her home and i saw a lock.. And again and again on regular basis i went to her home each day i saw locked gate.. I was confused as where did she goes where is her family .. I can’t stop thinking about her..
I passed my high school went to another city still some where when i listen any song i remind her.. I close my eyes i deliberately try to see her face in my imaginations..

But truth was she was no more with me, One day i want to my home town again and i saw her best friend.. She cames closer to me and said, where was u. i was searching for u since last year… Actually Shaviya a year back left this city with her dad and mom on urgent basis as his dad gets transferred, She just wanted to say sorry as she was not able to tell u that as u might get hurt…. Tears started flown from my eyes. I again started missing her, She told me as it is more then 1 year now and according to me it is few days back as when she touched my hand and smiled at me…

I said Thanks and i want away back to my place where i was studying. .. I was very depressed as i wanted to meet her but i know that was not possible. I started to concentrate on my studies.. And cleared my software Engg..  and then took the admission on MBA and complete the same with good marks. Meanwhile i did not come closer to any other girl, There were alot of my friends but no one was like Shaviya..  I got a job in a MNC and promoted with in a year as a Manager too..

One day i was sitting and working at the office, I don’t know why but i started searching the name, Shaviya on facebook, orkut, and other social networks, I found many girls with that name but none of them were what i was searching…

I typed  the name in google and again i started visiting the web results.. I found some one with same name at Delhi… As a Physiotherapist i checked her profile and i was stunned as i saw her pic after around 8-9 years… I was very happy to see as she is Physiotherapist now…  I saw her on HI5 social network, I created a new ID and sent her a friend request… and waited for her to respond.. each times i came online i use to see hi5 first to see her picture and if she have responded to my friend request.. One day i got an Email as “You are now connected with Shaviya” I was rushed towards my Laptop as she might be online and let have a talk.. I was too excited. I sent her a message as “Hi There” remember me.. But no response from her side.

I thought she might forgets me, And i was about to logg off as disappointed suddenly she sent a smiley and said HI…   Ohh my god hard to believe but that was the best day of my life..

We talked for around 4-5 Hours, She said she needs to go with her farther that time. There was no such option she wants to meet me.. I went to delhi and we meet at a restorent. We started talking on phones/Whatsapp..

And her parents were looking after for a guy for her to get married.  I approached my parents too as i liked that girl alot and she said the same to her parents.. Our parents meet each other, They matched the Kundlies and every thing was perfect… Seems like we have made for each other.. And after 3 Months we got married to each other…

This was my Real Love Story..

Hope you like that, Keep share your comments and replies. Me and my wife will revert back

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