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Real Life Love Story: People Usually says, Love is what happens once and real love can not be happen again and again. I don’t know as if it is correct. Because i was in love twice in my life..

After reading the Real Love Story I thought to have my story on this website too. Let me start my Story, I was in school and he was my classmate. We use to talk to each other, He some times drop me at my home on his Bike and i feel comfortable with him too. He was good friend of mine. No have no feelings or anything in my heart…

I shun my home town and started my college at other city. We were in touch a little with social websites..   As i was away from home and was in hostel, All girls were committed in their relationship. Girls used to say me as i am beautiful. Why don’t i have a BoyFriend.. And i had no answers to them as i did not consider to have a BoyFriend..  In my college a guy approached me.. And with my Friends pressure i said YES to him to have a relationship..

But things were not going on my way as expected. He was very demanding, Keeps asks for money. Barrier for me as i can not talk to other guys. I have to de activate accounts from social websites and it was like a Jail to me.. I was feeling uncomfortable with him as in a relationship. I wanted to say as i wanted to breakup and want my own life but i don’t had the Guts to give him my point of views as what i think and feel..

I usually sits on terrace and cry all alone whole nights, And one day i again activated my Social accounts and talked with my friend who was little close to me at school days.. We started talking on phone as well, and some how i started ignoring the Guy in college and some how i managed to do breakup but i was getting close the the other friend on phone…

I was feeling too alone and sad as due to breakup as well, That time my friendnd helped me alot to get rid of those things and he shows his care and affection. I went to my home on holidays and we planned to meet each other after such a long time and at the evening he proposed me for the relationship. Somewhere i also started liking him and i said YES, I was graduate now and came to my home town for few months. And we use to meet each other on regular basis.

Again i went to other city to do masters degree and meanwhile one of my friend from school days invited me for her marriage. All of old friends were there good to see all those,  After so much time i saw them..  Meanwhile one of my friend(a girl) calls me at isolated place and started abusing me, As i have destroyed her life his BoyFriend ditch her because of me.. I was totally not awake what she were talking about, Lately she told me as she had a relationship with the Guy i am now in a relationship.. I was shocked as what she is talking about but i don’t know why even after knowing as my BFriend had a serious relationship with some one i was comfortable as he is with me now.. Things goes by and we become closer and closer.. I use to go to her home and on long drives, I got to know as he is addicted to drugs probably,  When we had fights he use to beat me but i was so in mad love, I never feels like he is wrong i always try to stick to him, I do what ever he says to do..  I loved him so much..

My parents got to know about the guy, With the references they got to know as the guy is not good for me as he have bad habits.. My parents  wants me to leave him as he is not good for me.. But i was mad about him i use to meet him even after my parents restrictions, I knew i am wrong but i have no clue why i am doing all  those things and why im loving him so much and giving all the priorities.

Oneday i realized and He is hiding things from me, And behaving wearied, Avoiding me ignoring my calls and talking with anger all the time.. One of my friend told me as she saw him with another girl. I didn’t believe her but still just to check him i created a Fake ID and send him an add request. First he did not replied properly as he was well aware as i have his username and passwords too.  I was so happy as he is decent and not talking with the strangers on social networks.. But i was wrong.. He changed his password and then start messaging to meet and started showing interest in that fake profile.

I was like shattered as i have trusted him so much and then i got to  know from so many peoples that he is having  drugs alot and talks rubbish about me in his friends.  My trust was no more on him. I still love him but i quit and stop talking to him.. I shared all the things with one of my closest friend.. He makes me understand the things as that guy is not good for me i have to leave and have to concentrate on my studies. Meanwhile my masters degree also got completed and i started a job. I started share the day routine with my friend he was so decent kind of guy with full positive energy. He use to give me advices and strength to start a day.  I was like moving on with my hard times and i was sharing each thing with him. With his decency i i started talking to him alot.. He use to tease me as he wants me to marry. And one day he will propose me for the marriage. I always says as you are stupid to have a girl like me in your life who is nothing worth and a bad girl who have a mad relationship with a guy..  But he always use to say as he don’t have any problem with my past and we can spent a good time with each other and he can do marriage with me..

Meanwhile, as my parents were tensed with my future and as i lack of trust with them they wanted me to get married as soon as possible with a good guy..  My mom meet with my friend and she liked him. As the guy had a good job and nice future and he was so decent and full of manners and a plus point to have a professional kind of talk.. My mother asks me if i can marry that guy. I was confused, My heart was saying yes but mind was saying no.. I asked my friend as if it is possible. He was so excited and says say yes to your mother and he will talk to his parents too..

Now things were changed, I was feeling relaxed and started smiling. I was  now falling for him too.. He started saying “I love you” to each other.. Our parents were comfortable with the marriage. The guy wants little time to finish few things of him life for his career. I supported him as well and asks my parents too to wait until he get ready.  I give him space as not to disturb him, Things were so fine.. Before he meet with few friends….

He was not aware of the things as the guy who was in a relationship with me was his friend.. He had no clue, he just knows as i have a guy with that name.. But all of sudden his behavior changes. Might be friends and reputation issues for him. He started avoiding and ignoring me.. He said and its my fault as i should have tell him that my xBf is some one he knows too.. I said as it have no point as who is my past the thing is i have told you each thing..  We started talking again but things were not as it were before.. He started avoiding me, Blocking me on social networks.. I said sorry to him so many times. I tries to call him every single night. I tries to get in touch with  him but he just forgets me and blocks me everywhere.. I waited and waited and waited with the hope as he will be back soon.. He will be with me.. He will love me and will fulfill his promises that he did to marry me and love me till his last breath..

I had no answers to give to my parents as why he left me like this.. If he don’t love me why he come so close to me. Why he commits to marry me, Why he asks his parents too for the marriage. Why he had a relationship with me.. There are sudden answers that are still open and i have no answers..

Sometimes life is not that easy as we predict.  Some times we have to move on with the flow of life.. But i am sure i will not be able to love any one again in my life..

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