While searching some one on google, i came across to this website.. I read few stories and it influences me to write my life story here as well… My name is Kritika and this is my real life story..

I was in college, Use to be a good student. I don’t had the time to catch up with guys and thought for a relationships, Al tough i had many guy friends who were close to me..


I completed my studies and started a job,, Meanwhile my parents started looking for a guy and asking me to get married.. They were not forcing me but i don’t wanted to get married.. I was 27 years of age and wanted to do the same at 29. But you know parents are so possessive about there kinds and they always wanted
One day my mother came to me and she said, He talked with some one.. The Guy is at Australia,. He have his own store there and he is well educated. He had completed Masters in Business Administration from Australia itself… You will be happy with her.. His family is educated too and they are good peoples.

I said nothing to them but asked me to give the details. I would like to talk and see the person.. My parents said he will be here with in few days… Finally that day comes, He was here at his home town and i get ready to meet him.. We decided to meet at the restaurant. When he arrives he was quite familiar to me.. We started talk with each other.. And then i got to know he was my school mate at the childhood days.. He had proposed me at 9th standard and i neglected as i was too conscious for my studies,, He had a crush on me and he use to follow me at school.. Fewer times he follows me towards my home too..

After talking on those things we laughed alot.. He was so happy he was talking with me after many years and we meet again for our marriage communication co incidentally.. He said Yes to his parents so i did and we got married after 3 months..

He is so caring, understanding and he always makes me feel so special.. I just love him alot..

That was my story..

– Kritika



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