Love Breakup : I am writing this story in tears, I believe i have nothing left and everything is vanished. My life my soul nothing is with me, I am not a singer anymore, I am not a writer anymore neither i can study or prepare for my exams. He took away every single thing from me. But i still love him according to him he broked it up with me but he doesn’t know indeed he breaks my inner soul..

My story starts when i started my college. I was a singer with a sweet voice and i had won many awards for the same. I went to my college to study the Arts. It was my first time to stay at Hostel with other girls far from home.. I have now memories from my parents. The love they use to give me as i was the only child of my parents. My dad have given me everything which i have desired. My mother cooks what ever i said. So things were difficult for me to be in a Hostel where we can not do things as per our choice. There is a limitation and restriction for going outside the college hostel.. We can go out for two days a week only..

As i was missing my home and parents i use to sit alone. I always prefer to watch other girls playing and shouting, dancing etc…  My favorite timepass was to sit at the terrace sung slow and soft songs. Sometimes i record my songs and listen them over using my earphones.

My roommate throw a birthday party as at Disc, She had many friends and one of them was Maddy. My friend introduce me to Maddy by saying Maddy she is my friend Aanya.. And Maddy meet Aanya my roommate…. We shake hands and he seems like a shy person.. I was saying and asking questions to him he was polite and gentle. Was answering me point to point and late night he request me that he will drop me at my Hostel with my roomie.. I agrees and we reach hostel… I was about to sleep and my phone got message from Maddy, We shares numbers at the party..  Message was:

Maddy: I don’t know if this is right thing to say or how will you react, But you are cute..

Me: Thankeww soo much.

Maddy: I am a shy guy but i love the the time which i spent with you, I want to express myself by telling you my life and other things. Can we be good friends.

Me: I believe we already are friends thats why you are messaging me and i am replying you back.

Maddy: Thank you so much, I am feeling nervous as i haven’t talked this much to any girl.

Me: Blush Blush

We started talking over phone and we started meeting each other on regular intervals when  two times a week… He use to come to my hostel to pick me and we usually go for long drives, Disc and other cool places.


On my birthday, He said he wanted to go with me at a market(a place with so crowd).. Before we go to that place he says he likes some one and he will reveal me today…We were so close to each other. He was walking and holding my hand suddenly asked me to stop in the middle of the market. And gave me a gift, asked to open here.. When i open the gift it was a mirror and he want on his knees by saying this is the girl he likes and wanted to be with this girl forever…

I was so happy with him and i said yes i will be with you and we hugged each other and kissed in the market.. So from that day our relationship get started, We started saying love u and miss u each other we were no simple friends any more.. We started talking like couples started caring each other.. That was the best time of my life..

But 6 months later, He behaves wearied and started avoiding my calls, He stops meeting me.. I tried alot to contact him but no response from his side. I asked again and again tell me if i had done anything or you are angry on me, If there is anything please clear me… We can sort the things but he just ignores me everytime.. He barely talks with me for next 6 months. One day i was so disappointed and wanted to clear the things, I had so many questions in my mind.. Why he is doing this, Why he is behaving like this now.. I have a fault?  Is he going through a bad phase? I went to his home, He stayed away from his parents.. When i entered i saw drugs and other things which he was consuming since last 7-8 months. And because of these things he was not talking to me..

I cried like hell when i saw him, The condition he was in.. I hugged him so tight and i said “You will be perfect” and i will help you to shun all these things and i love u soo much and i can’t live with out you… He hugged me and we started kissing and we ended up doing sex, That was my first time and i was not a virgin anymore.. I know many readers will say this is just a small thing but for me it was the only thing i had for my future husband… I was considering Maddy my hubby, my partner my life…

I started coming to his room on regular basis, so that he concentrate on me diverts his mind and shun the smoking, drinking and addiction of drugs etc. We were so much into a physical relationship that i forgot i had another life outside.. I have to study and i have hostel my friends and parents too… I was totally involved with Maddy… I contacted someone who give me a hope as he will manage Maddy to get rid of all those things…

I force Maddy to start that course, I started giving all my money which my parents use to send me to Maddy. I spent each and every single penny on him only.

By believing he is spending this money for his medical expenses and he will be fine…  Maddy parents sold that house where Maddy use to live so Maddy had to go to his parents house.. I started living in hostel again but again days becomes same as they were previously.. Maddy started avoiding me, and ignoring me…. My parents were sending me too much of money which i was giving to him, But Maddy was asking for more and more, He said he have to give this money to some one… I asked one of my friend and took Loan from him and gave that money to Maddy..

He talks on phone for two days and again he started avoiding me… It was like his basic nature as he don’t wanted to talk to me anymore.

I called him on his birthday..

Me: Hello Maddy

Maddy: Yes say

Me: I wanted to wish you, Happy birthday..

Maddy: ok bye..

I cried whole night, Why he is reacting like that.. My studies gets over i came back to my home. I tried alot to talk to him.. One day he called me and said, see i love u alot but we can not be together this is the fact.. The money you had sent me, I have spent that on my medicines and i have quit the drugs, I have got a job and i would like to spent my life like i wanted to..

Don’t ever try to contact me, I am going to block you from everywhere,.  I just wanted to breakup with you.. You are a sweet girl but i don’t want to be with you now.. So if you have anymore self respect don’t you ever message me..

And that was the time i listen his voice last time. He had left me no where. My parents know about the relationship, My friends know each and everyone knows and asking me why i don’t talk to him anymore.. What reasons i have to give to other. I have no clue, what i have to do… I can not forget my last 3 years.. I can not forget my love..  I have given him everything which i can and i can not imagine myself with someone other. I can not marriage with any other guy..  Everything is finished so am I..  🙁

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