Kissing air

 You pursued me. I push open the entryway with a stunning accident, pummeling it against the inverse divider. You ascent and shout to me, incongruous words and inane expressions. The late evening light is bronze and burns my cheeks without notice. The bag under control is vacant, infertile and void like a desert; what do I need to bring it with me when you’ve pillaged and stolen everything else? The friendless soil street is abnormally new yet the train station is in sight. I stride towards it.


You got my hand. As you fraud my constitution to face towards you, your heaves surge down my face and your dull eyes misshape, wild with alarm. You inquire as to whether I was truly going. When I force away, you cull me back again as though I am a blossom that twists far from your abusive wind. Gazing at me to the point of being a glare, you let me know not to clear out. My dress slides effectively over my physique like the sea’s waters; what happened to the love that was conceived that day I initially touched the ocean’s tears? A removed ringing weaves amidst us like a shuddering butterfly, cautioning me that the train was taking off. I begin to tear away..

You attracted my lips to yours. As I attempt to break free once more, you yank me in and your icy lips presses against mine. Your hand screens and covers my cheek. For a minute, I disregard my indignation and everything appears to be correct once more. Anyhow I recollect that her, the person who demolished everything that was directly between us. I can feel the chilly ring on your finger that presses against my cheek like a cool glass window; why did you mind in the event that you had her? A hard slap over the face smashs our contact. Hot furious tears burn my eyes and face. I dismiss, realizing that if my touch crosses yours I might lose sight of all motivation to leave, to turn into your anchored detainee once more. My eyes didn’t get yours.


The hard street pounds against my feet. My shoes disentangle then fall away, permitting detached stones to hook and to cut at my skin. The torrid high temperature dries my effectively ruined throat. Scratches hurl my constitution and, for a moment, the sun shudders. At that point your voice shouts the expression that undermines to move me back and make my tears storm for you. To sob for the heaven lost to us. Those two words still rings in my ear as my feet whisk me away. Don’t go




Shriek! The ear-piercing sound as the train screeches to a stop slaps me out of my covering considerations. I find. Only i’m on this stage with just the dry wind as my partner. I see myself standing, deserted on the spurned stage like the sole survivor remaining in the searing devastation of an all-devouring firestorm.


At that point I recall. When I exited, you didn’t pursue me or get my hand or kiss me or beseech me to remain. You couldn’t have cared less enough to come after me. You picked her and disregarded me.


You didn’t take after.


The sliding entryway coasts open before me with a low murmur. Gazing over my shoulder one last time, there is just unfilled space sitting tight for me on the tiled stage. At that point I wrap my hand around the handle to lift myself up onto the lined steps.


Abruptly, something wispy twists around my wrist, ceasing me. There you were, the absolute best hallucination that my capricious personality could make. This spirit has the unique aroma that you had. Your resounding expressions of don’t go, in the same way as the last passing on notes of an adoration melody…


I am stunned to find that actually shaking my head was troublesome. Your eyes pass on the deepest lament that would’ve never showed up on your genuine face and warmth spreads from me for this perfect figment that takes your smooth characteristics. When I can stop myself, I close my eyes and incline forward. My lips touch yours so carefully.


To the world, I was simply kissing air. Possibly I was simply kissing my heart farewell. However that last transient kiss, in the same way as a brushing butterfly, suggested a flavor like the salty tears of a far away sea where an adoration was once conceived.


If you minded enough to take after.


If you minded that much.

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