Jenifer Love story:  It’s a very unusual occurrence to see Jenifer’s name in one of my organizations paycheck. At initially when I saw her name, I amazed and I believed it’s a different Jenifer. But when I see you at the front part of me, I freezed for a second.

It all started just 20 in the past.

Richard was a rich boy in our school, and Jenifer was his partner. Rich came from a rich near relatives and Jenifer came from a regular near relatives. But I was the lowest other in the school, and I resided in very low with my mom and my sibling. Sometime we did not have any to eat for whole day, lot of periods I consume more and more regular water to avoid the starvation.  We were in inadequate that much. A while Rich assisted me to research, and he provided me even cash. Rich was not so excellent in knowledge. He always resided a high-class lifestyle with his other buddies who had cash. He put, and intoxicated. Jenifer also signed up with with them, according to them, they were experiencing their lifestyle. But I was completely individual from those performs and I focused my thoughts only to knowledge, its because mainly I did not have cash for that.

Like most of the periods, one day I consumed only regular water for get rid of starvation. But I did not observe, Jenifer seemed that and she came to me. She provided me two snacks and a treats to consume. I sensed very shy and I refused. But she variations my side and informed me,

“It’s OK, you eat this” then I took her snacks and ate. She sat down by my part and smiled. Then she started to discuss.

“I have seen you lot of periods, you consume only regular water. I haven’t seen you eat in the school cafeteria. I desired to discuss with you soon enough.” so that day finished like that.

So periods approved that way and she assisted me most periods, and the Rich too.

One day she came to me and cried a lot. She informed me that she split up with Rich and he remaining for another rich lady. I sensed very sorry about her. so after that occurrence, she was around me most of the periods. So day by day, we near to each others. One Weekend evening we observed a bad information. it was about Rich. He approved away due to a car incident. It was very sad information for everyone in the university, such as me and Jenifer too.

One excellent evening Jenifer came to my home for first a chance to provide a observe guide. But I was not in the property and my mom was.

After having 7-8 several weeks of Jenifer’s relationship, I sensed powerful sensation about her. And day by day, I ignored my knowledge performs too.  Every evening I was thinking about her, I did not do any school performs. I desired to be with her in every second.  So I started to really like her. One evening I believed to tell her my emotions about her.

On the very next morning time, I met her as regular and let her know my emotions. But she refused me so unfortunately. I could not believe this, I requested the factors, but she never informed me. Lastly I believed to myself, “she refused me, because my poorness. She may remain with me carefully, because she may desired to eliminating her solitude after making of Richard”.

I believed my self, how unpleasant to being a bad. I do not have cash to invest as I want, I cannot eat, what I want, I do not have appropriate home to remain, now I cannot really like the individual I want. I sensed that poorness is the most unpleasant factor to have a individual in this globe. I desired to destroy myself, even to destruction. I did not have buddies to tell about this. I had to keep all this alone. But everything has a splitting factor. I created the decision to destruction. Same time I got upset about Jennifer too.

In the next day of morning time, I went to school by strolling. On the way, I saw a sightless individual, who tries to combination the street. No one assisted him, but there were a lot individuals around. Instantly I observed that, this sightless man is trying to remain without his sight. But I go to destroy myself, due to my poorness. I experience embarrassed on me. I desired to be rich, that is the only way to win this globe, and to get vengeance from Jenifer too. Then I went to the sightless man and, assisted him to combination the street. There after, I devoted residing for knowledge. I never requested from her again. Day by day she was going away from me.

After the ultimate examination, I won a grant to an excellent. Then, I missing all connections of her.  and her remembrances were diminishing in my thoughts. In the school, I was one of the smartest learners. Meanwhile my sibling got a job too. at the ultimate examination of the school, I got many job possibilities. I got a excellent job and I could low cost too. By enough time, I got a offer for wedding. She was a physician. After the wedding, I reconciled my job and established my own organization. It was being been successful by day by day. I got two children. So there after that sightless man occurrence I was in satisfied since these days. It was almost 20 decades.

She almost became a different individual, even I could not identify her, and it seems she had complications. I could not discuss with her either.

“I…I did not know your will work here, unintentionally I saw your name in the paycheck, then only I observed about you. Why did not you discuss to me?

“I did not know this position connected toy you until I came here, after I observed about that, I really desired to go away. But I could not, I came through many complications, its very hard to discover a job out there”.

“Yeah I see…what occurred Jennifer?  I really fear about you”.

“After one season, I remaining the school, my dad approved away and I had to go for a job. But I could not look for a job, I proved helpful in several locations. Gradually I wedded a person; he was a drunker, every day I was defeated. my wedding never being a excellent one.Then I got three children, and he remaining me. I had to manage my children. “

I stunned after observed her tale. I cannot think about what to tell her. then I believed, when enough time I suggested her, if she approved my really like then the tale would be different.

“I do not know what to say…I experience very sorry about you, but if you approved my really like, when I suggested you, both we are in satisfied today”. Why…why did you decline my really like over and over Jennifer? When you decline me, I desired to destroy myself, but you did not know that. You never know how much I liked you and, how much you intended to me”.

She just grin accidentally and did not tell anything.

“Jennifer…please tell me why did not you agree to my love? At least tell me now… please”

“I liked you Frank, more than my life… I liked you, I believe to god I liked you so much” Oh god please help me”…and she started to cry.

I could not management myself and ran to her. Then I hugged her firmly.

“Then why did not you tell me Jennifer? Why did not you tell me?”

“If I tell that I liked you, Frank you never be the individual who you are now”

“What do you mean Jennifer, who am I now?” what exactly is the different? I do not know, what are you talking”

“Chris…I liked you a lot, but first it was not a really like, when I was with Rich, I observed you so many periods. I recognized how inadequate you are and how much battle you do for the training and learning and to remain. I observed most of enough time, you did not eat, you consumed only regular water. I sensed very sorry about you. Then one day I came to you and provided the snacks. You remember?”

“Yes…yes…I remember…just like yesterday”.

“So…day by day I sensed you are a really excellent individual, and one time I sensed Rich was a moron, he had enough cash to invest. He did not really like me either; he desired me as a toy”. So one day he thrown out me. I observed that he goona keep me one day or other. After that I did near to more and more to you. You also thought about me. when time approved, without understanding, I was dropping really like with you. I observed that you going to recommend me. I was keeping track of for periods to response you Saying “I really like you too, Chris”. But keep in thoughts one day I went to your home?”

“yes…I was not in the property but my mom was”

“Yes…I met your mom there, she was a excellent females, she requested me to come in to your home and we were discussing an time. that day i observed how inadequate you are, it was only a space not a home, there was not even a bed, there were only two seats. She informed me how intended you for her, she informed me how your near relatives members is residing. She informed me that you are the only wish for your near relatives members. She informed me that When you inform well, you going to have a excellent job, then you will become a rich individual. She imagined about you so great.  She observed that you had an capability to become a rich individual.

“OK…so why did you keep me? What’s the point?

“Chris…I know that you are such a excellent individual and a sensible individual, if I downing really like with you, you never analyzed well, I saw it sometime. When you near to me, you neglect the research. If you did not do your research well, you never became a individual who you are now. So I believed if I keep you, your woman’s desire may come real. When I was returning from your home, I cried a lot, but I created the decision to keep you on part of your achievements. After three several weeks of your energy and effort, you requested me, as I wish. Frank absolve me Chris…I liked you so much Frank, that is why I refused your love’. if I really like me, than you, I may approved your really like. but I liked you more than myself Frank, that is why I refused your love”

“Oh…god Jennifer, what are you informing me”. I do not appropriate care this lifestyle or wealthiness. Jennifer…I desired to be with you. I’m so sorry, I analyzed so hardly because, I desired to vengeance from you. I believed you remaining me due to my poorness. Please absolve me!!! Oh…god what I’m going to do now”

“It’s OK Frank, this is my destiny, I never repent about my lifestyle, but the really like I did for you created the man who you are now. I’m satisfied about my love”.

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