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This is my story which i would like to share with you. I was watching Mr and Mrs Iyer (Hindi Movie) yesterday and somewhere was touches my heart because my life is very similar to movie story.

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My name is Tia and i live in eastern part of India..  My life totally gets changed many years ago it 2002 February when i decided to visit Gujarat to see the beauty and Gujarati culture. Because it is totally different from the place i live. India is a nation full of traditions and you usually see different language, Different customs and different fashion in terms of clothes….  I was adventitious girl and because i was the only child of my parents they always support what ever i do…

I took the permission and started my journey towards Gujarat. I saw the holiday deals, I had no idea what will happen there which might change everything in my life.. I was a beautiful monday morning sun was shining like he wants to say something to me. Everything was so calm cool breeze was blowing. I took my train Dwarka Express from Guwahati. A family were traveling and having fun, Playing cards and laughing opposite to me…. I put my earphones from my bag and started my Walkman to hear soothing songs, I closed my eyes and i was imagining myself into the song… Meanwhile someone taps on my shoulders..  I opened my eyes and saw a guy fair and tall nice muscular body was staring at me.. He said, Mam you are sitting on my seat can you please show me your tickets. I opened my bag and when he was my ticket was misprinted a little, Indeed it was his seat and my seat was after 2 blocks..

He said, You can sit here as long and you are not feeling sleepy or i can go to your seat,I have no issues.. I asked him thank you for compromising the seat… And he moved on to my seat.. After few minutes i saw he have left his magazine where i was sitting, I started reading it…. There was a very beautiful article which i was reading meanwhile he came and said, Excuse me, If you are not reading it may i take it back??? I said sure..

He said: No problem, You can read it i will take it later from you, It is a long journey although… He  told me he is also going to Gujarat for his meeting,. And asked me where i am going, I told him i will be enjoying, I love photography so i will be clicking images, I would love to see Gujarati Dance and Food. He smiled and said seems awesome.

And we started talking to each other. He asked my name and told his, Altaf Ali.. He was a Muslim guy.. And he was very kind.. He asks me not to come out from train because of heavy rush and i might not be able to pick the train again. He was taking food and other stuff for me from railway stations. He was very caring and sweet. I like the way he use to talk. He was from North India and his favorite words were “Aare” “Hadd hai”.,.

With in two days, he were very close to each other, Like very good friends, He started telling me about his family and friends and relationships etc..  Meanwhile we reach Gujarat. We shake hands a gentle hug and said Bye to each other. When i was coming out of the station i saw no person outside, Police all over and all shops were closed too. I got it and something have  happened. But i have no idea.. I asked a person, What is going on he told me about the Riots and said every one is killing other person it is not safe to go outside, Even they have burned a train last night. I was so scared. All the trains were abandoned and i heard the announcement for curfew too.. I went to a police officer and said, I am new in the city and i have no idea where to go… I am feeling unsafe now..  Police person was very polite and said, There is a Hotel near by he will drop me there but make sure don’t come outside what ever the situation it might be.

While going towards Hotel i saw Ali walking down the street, I asked the police man to stop.. Ali was new to the city as well and had no idea what should do now. Because of excessive Riots and he was searching for Hotel as well, But all hotels were closed..  I requested to the police officer to take him with us as well and he came along..

When we reach the hotel police person calls the manager and asks to open the main gate. There was only one room available so we agreed to take share the same room. But it was a weird thing for me to share a room with a male person, I was not comfortable at all. All negative things started running in my mind.. I was so afraid because of Riots and because i had to share my room with someone i hardly knows. A discussion in the train only.. I started cursing and blaming myself, Why i asked him to come with us.. Why i agreed to share the room with me..  But Ali understood the situation and he said, He is comfortable sleeping in the washroom and i can sleep at the bedroom.. He took 5-6 Blankets and went to the washroom door.

It was around 11:00pm i heard people crying shouting and yelling, I can not forget those voices, I had no idea what is going on and don’t had the courage to see outside from the window.  Ali wakes up and he watch outside from Exhaust Fan by standing on a bucket.  His face was totally yellow and he vomits whatever he saw. I have no guts to ask what is happening outside. I can estimate the things with the voices i was hearing.  It was like this might be end of our life..

Meanwhile some one knocks our door.. I was so afraid but it was manager of our hotel. He said the person is with you who is he. What is his name if he is Muslim ask him to come out else we all will get kill.. I had deposited my Identity proofs to hotel and Hotel management had no idea about Ali..

Ali said, Yes he is right he needs to go out else those person might kill you as well, But i was not allowing Ali to go out and asked please i beg you listen to me, Just stay calm and sit here. I opened the door and asks Hotel Manager, His name is Raj, He is my fiancee, We are engaged and getting married next month..  He trust and went away by saying we needs to be here only, Things are not safe outside..

We spent the whole night with so many questions in my mind. There were different kind of voices coming outside the window.. I was holding the hands of Ali so tight and meanwhile i felt sleep.. When i woke up he was getting ready, A new morning with new hopes i desperately wanted to go back.  I cancels my plan to see the Indian tradition. I started missing my home and i believe i was much better at home. But day becomes worse more and more people get killed outside as we hear in the news, Like others.

We were getting limited food because of the declared curfew and hotel management were getting lack of food. I had no choice and have to eat what ever they were providing us.. We stay for 5 days with in the same room. Had no idea when we will be able to go to home.. Ali meetings too get cancelled and he wanted to go back as well. I was at Gujarati to meet friends and it was a co incidence we meet talk and sharing same room since last 5 days.. He was very humble, Use to sleep in washroom to make me comfortable..

And after 6th day, Manager comes to us and said, Curfew is over and trains have started too, You can leave if you want to.. We pack our bags went to railway station, Now we had to take different trains,. But i don’t know when the manager said we can go now. I was not that much excited i was some where started liking that guy probably.. It was some kind of attraction towards his decency. He was so calm and humble…. I hugged him to say good-bye i saw his eyes were wet and it was like he too wanted to stay….

He said to me, It was one of the best time i have spent and i will never forget these moments. Tia, You are so beautiful and amazing person. I wish those religion kind of things will stop soon. There is a barrier between Hindu and Muslim. And i know our parents won’t like if they got to know you were staying with a Muslim guy.. He was crying simultaneously i had nothing to say. I was stun and watching him… He kissed on my forehead and walked away…. We had not shared any contact and very calmly he walked away from my life forever..

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