Happy Ending : Neha Story

Let me start my Story,

My name is Neha, This is a real life incident story which some where changes my life. Changes the thinking. I was in part 1st and i was good at studies, I hardly get any time to think for love and relationships. As i believe love is nothing as such.. In my college i meet with a guy. He was my classmate,  We just took intro as we all were new for each other.

He use to sit besides me, He was polite and very gentle. He use to ask for notebooks from me. And it happens for 2-3 months. We become friends, We started talking to each other, We started sharing our thinking good and bad times with each other and i was some where started liking that guy. I dont know why, But i was liking him so much as when he does not comes to college, I often get tensed..

One day the Guy came to me and said., I would like to show you a girl i am in love with. I thought he likes some one else and i was little disappointed some where, i smiled and said yeah i would love to see who is that lucky girl. He said if i can go with him for shopping today he will also call that girl and we will meet on road.. I agreed and as our planned we did shopping, He when we wee about to go home. He gives me a gift, wrapped in a gift paper.. And asked me to open.. I was clueless as what it can be.. When i opened the wrapper it was a mirror.. And he said, I promised you as i will show you the girl whom i am in love. I love alot and wanted to be with you always… I was so happy and excited as i liked him too and i was out of words that time..

We started to call each other and started late nights talks, We were so comfortable and compatible that last long for 3 years. Where as my parents started to see the guys for me to get married. I told my parents about the guy i love already but they were not so convinced as they wanted to meet that guy personally. Where as the he said as he needs time to establish himself. As he just finished the studies and want 2 more years so that he can be at some place where he can earn alot for us.

But my parents were on my back that i have to get married asap…. I took a stand as i wanted to go outside my home town to do a job and will get married to any random guy but after 6 months.. I need to live my life alone for 6 months. I requested them and they then allowed…

One day my parents had to go at some other city. Where my Friend was doing job as well. I asked my parents too go to his place and you can meet him too. Even my Friend was excited to meet my parents as well. When my parents reach that city he took them from railway station and take them to his flat.. My parents talked with the guy.. As he was gentle and polite. My parents liked him too. And when they came back to home town. They said as they can wait if the guy is serious as well. I was so happy and i tell the same to my friend.. He was excited too and give me the surety as he will marry him after couple of years. We all waited for his decision. One day his parents came to my house to meet my parents and said our son liked your daughter and we were thinking if they can get married.

My parents then too agrees with them and we are going to get married with in couple of months now.

This was my real love story. I will keep you updated here with my on going story…

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3 thoughts on “Happy Ending : Neha Story

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  2. you are a very lucky girl……
    God bless you 🙂
    I also did the same for the girl whom I love most…….. she was a very good friend of mine… her’s as-well….
    but when I told her that she is that girl, she said that she love somebody else…..
    I get to know that the guy whom she love is not a good guy…. I tried to tell her about it…. but who cares my words……… 🙁
    I’m still single n waiting for her……
    just keep on singing Somebody’s me…….

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