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Hi… Nowadays i wish to discuss my real really like tale wid u my frnds,n i wish u will like my Story,n ur feedback to my story will create me to satisfied so plz all my tale visitors keep in mind to deliver ur opinion because urzs each n every feedback r like valuable delights on my really like…. Now i begin to discuss my story ,I am not very excellent at english so if i did anything incorrect then plz bare me,It was on oct Fifteenth,when i was chating wid my fb frnds,i saw the notice that “Today is …. B’day” (sry i can’t reveal my bf name)so i deliver him b’day desires actually i don’t know who is he,just as a fb frnd i deliver him my wish,next day on Sixteenth when i was chating wid other frnds,He deliver me “Hiii”,infact this was the 1st msg i got from him,i also responded to his msg from this msg our chating began,We both were began to talk wid eachother as a frnds but now we both communicating as fan 🙂 actually in the starting i don’t had any attention to talk wid him but later on his type characteristics n innoscence created me to talk wid me very clously

Continue aspect of my last tale…. On oct 22 he suggested me but i did not agree to his offer,but he never quit adoring me actually he cut his side,he met wid a car incident he adoring me very crazily…. After 6mnts i also created the decision to agree to his really like,on goal 2nd i informed him “I really like u too” that was my most unforgettable day… Now our regards is going excellent but the primary proplem is my bf’s child years frnd adoring him but my bf do not need such flng on her,he dealing with her as her frnd,my bf really like her too much as a frnd but she is adoring him as a fan,my bf is not prepared to keep his frnd n also me… Every day i am flng very disurbance because of my bf’s gal frnds n because of this purpose we both quarreling wid eachother daily,i know my fan never deceive me but in some area of my center i am flng very worry abt him,n also abt his frnds,i really like my fan very much i cant stay widout him,i know he also adoring me more than himself…but the primary rock in our really like is my bf’s frnds….. Plz help me by ur comments

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