A British Girl’s Dream Romance

Joshua and Sarah

A British Girl's Dream Romance

A British Girl’s Dream Romance , Joshua and Sarah:

“We met in church in September on the anniversary of my father’s death, which makes our relationship so much more redeeming. At first there was no attraction. He thought I was pretty, but he’s met a lot of pretty Christians and they turned out to be ‘blah’. As weeks went on, we hung out at a few church things. Little did I know that he started to get a lot of dreams that were pointing him to me. Just before Thanksgiving, he said one thing to me, and the scales fell from my eyes. I saw him in a whole new light. We could have met years before… He lived in UK for two years. His best mate, when he lived in Israel, was a bloke I went to Bible College within UK… But we met at the perfect time, when we were both content and ready to love the other.” ~ Sarah

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